CCTV catches jewelry store heist in Isabela

Free from the limitations set by darkness!

The QIHAN IP/HD-SDI Module is with a new generation of DSP for variable high-resolution surveillance. The Module is developed exclusively by Qihan and this is the world’s best horizontal resolution and high level image quality by using ultra precise image analyzing technology, 3 dimensional nose reduction technology and adaptive image processor technology to provide low cost, low power products.

box cam

Qihan High-definition IP Module Technology

We provide remote monitoring to release the network video by the unique ID for each device to access the Internet remote video screen of the device.
Standard H.264 compression,supports triple streaming, independent frame / bit rate control, real HD quality low broadband.
Built-in WEB services, can be accessed via a standard WEB browser management, operation is simple with plug-and-play;
Standard size with 38*38mm, suitable for a variety of Camera’s housing and easy to install with simple structure.
The rich hardware function interface, an IP Module can produce a different series of models.
Embedded RTOS design, high-performance DSP,pure hardware compression, lower power consumption and longer lifespan.


The IP Module was with superior scalability and maintainability, support firmware the network upgrade service, updates latest features applications at any time;
We offer several management clients, up to 32-channel video playback at the same time, provide rich functional interface, functional applications and SDK secondary development package;
High reliability characteristics of high demand for large and medium-sized systems, integrated management platform, and the butt of a number of well-known manufacturers of DVR and NVR;
The IP Module was with a full range of megapixels real-time high-definition image quality, Low power consumption, low latency, and excellent color reproduction.

Qihan Unique ISP Technology
Low-cost, low power consumption. Provided more intelligent video analytics capabilities for the future of customized camera, such as license plate detection, intelligent search, face detection, people counting, restricted area of detection and so on for intelligent video surveillance technology.

High Definition Solution

Qihan HD-SDI cameras support the resolution with 1280x720P, the image quality is better than the other HD-SDI cameras.

Qihan Chipsets
High Sensitivity at Low Light Condition
B/W(0.0005Lux), Color(0.2Lux) when 50IRE, 3100K, DSS off When B/W mode, very high-sensitivity through TDN function.

high sensitivity
It produces clear picture by supporting the better resolution than other 2.0M HD-SDI camera.


White Balance
QIHAN HD-SDI camera has better white balance performance than other companies.

white balance

DSS – Digital Slow Shutter
It produces clear picture by accumulating enough light to operate in condition the human eye would perceive as complete darkness.

slow shutter

TDN – True Day & Night
It produces clear picture by removing a physical Infrared filter that is removed when night mode, is used when day mode.

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Excellent Low Light Performance
Clear Image in the Dark

The QIHAN IP/HD-SDI Module is with a new generation solution for variable high-resolution surveillance products. With a minimum light level of 0.05Lux, this provides a camera captures crystal clear pictures even in the darkest places and worst conditions. Its unparalleled performance makes it perfect for places kept under strict surveillance such as strategic defense sites, airports, harbors, town centers, streets, and large industrial complexes.

Low Light.Ultra Low Illumination

The Qihan Unique ISP Technology is excellent in enhancing the available lights in poor lighting conditions by increasing the sensitivity of the cameras through the DSP.

ICR.24-Hour Clear Image through ICR Day & Night Function

The Qihan IP/HD-SDI Module produces high quality images through an ICR Day & Night function by automatically switching to optimal surveillance mode in response to illumination changes in day and night.

OSD.Convenient Multi-language OSD

The IP/HD-SDI Module’s multi-language on screen display improves user convenience and enables easy access to various camera functions.

HLC.Highlight Compensation

The IP/HD-SDI Module is equipped with HLC which reverses bright spots in the picture. This improves the performance of the entire system by resolving and better displaying information such as license plates.