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IP Camera best buy 2013 Foscam-T3 Magazine

IP Camera best buy

We are happy to inform you Foscam FI8910W is listed as ” Which IP camera should you buy in 2013?”  by T3 Gadget Magazine / Website Link To T3 Magazine:

Impressive that Foscam was standing together with some more expensive IP Camera brands like Panasonic, Axis, Dropcam, Linksys, etc. Also, FI8910W’s good price will beat them absolutely and we are cheaper than them by at least 50%.  Ip Camera Best Buy 2013

Foscam offers its latest IP camera that’s designed to mitigate the loss of daytime color accuracy by using an Embedded IR-Cut Filter – resulting in a clear cut enhanced picture and color quality. The FI8910W remote pan/tilt control captures motion detection and night vision that feeds through your internet connection to a web server that can be viewed though your desktop or smart phone. It’s perfect for home security with the ability to flag up problems according to security settings which you can manually personalize.

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