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I am writing to you today to express my gratitude to your employee Mr Aldrin Bagay. Over the course of the last year Mr Bagay has gone above and beyond the normal confines of his duties to assist me with my CCTV systems purchased from your company.

We at Wiki Café have several branches in Manila all equipped with CCTV systems purchased from Webtechnology. We monitor all the systems in our central office location 24 hours a day. Mr Bagay has been extremely instrumental in making sure the systems were set up correctly, has often late at night or even on his rest day provided support if a system crashed or went down, and recently provided emergency onsite service. Every time Mr Bagay took our needs as serious and provided prompt professional service.

As a foreigner living in Manila now for 5 plus years I have dealt with many companies and persons here. Too many times the service and attitudes of local companies have fallen short of the standards required of a professional organisation causing outright disappointment. Working with Mr Bagay has not been one of those times. I am proud to call Aldrin both a service provider for Wiki Cafes and a friend.



Ken Cook
President, Director of Operations
Wiki Café



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