Blue Iris Ip Camera Software
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Blue Iris Ip Camera Software


Compatible with almost all brands of IP camera. Keep close track of your house, office, cars, and belongings; watch your pets or your children; monitor your nanny, baby-sitter, or employees.

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What can Blue Iris Ip Camera Software can do?

Video Security.

Compatible with almost all brands of IP camera. Keep close track of your house, office, cars, and belongings; watch your pets or your children; monitor your nanny, baby-sitter, or employees. Watch your door for mail, packages or visitors. Use motion detection, audio detection, or capture continuously. Receive alerts via loudspeaker, Email or phone.

Video Capture.

Use up to 64 IP cameras (webcams, camcorders, network IP cams, analog cards, or your PC desktop). Create JPEG snapshots or record movies in standard MP4, AVI, advanced DVR, or Windows Media file formats.

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Use USB webcams, DV camcorders, network IP cams (see list below), as well as video servers.

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Use generic BT848/878 cards, or we specifically recommend the 4-channel PV149 and 8/16-channel Hikvision DS-40xx cards.

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Simultaneously use up to 64 video cameras (with full version).

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Direct-show integration provides optimal capture performance.

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Overlay text, timestamps, and alpha-blended graphics.

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Direct X integration provides smooth digital scaling.

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] The highly-efficient Blue Iris DVR file format allows time-slip viewing.

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Windows Media technologies integration (full version) allows capture into WMV format and Windows Media web-casting.

      [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Multi threaded, optimized and rigorously tested code for optimal performance.




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3S H.264 RTSP/HTTP Esky C5900 RTSP Panasonic WV-NW474, WV-NS324
4×EM E104, video port 60024×EM MPEG4 Etrovision/EyeView, video port 1852 Panasonic WV-NW484
7Links IPC-710IR Etrovision EV6552R Panasonic WV-SC,SP,ST RTSP/HTTP
7Links PX-3677 MJPEG EV9808 port 9001 Pelco JPEG
7Links Robocam 2 EverFocus RTSP Pelco Sarix, Spectra IV RTSP
A-Link IPC1 JPEG Eversun TSI3200WN RTSP Pixord MJPEG
A-MTK AM9120M RTSP Evocam ip001ptw Pixord P-405 port 7070
ABS MegaCam RTSP Evocam ip003ptz36h Pixord P-405M
Abus 7230 Eye Sight ES-IP809TW JPEG Planet ICA-100/W
Abus TVIP½0050 Eye Sight ES-IP812S Planet ICA-107,108
Abus TVIP20000-21550 H.264 Eyeonet RTSP Planet ICA-110 PCM
ACTi HTTP MJPEG EyeSpy247 Planet ICA-151/750 Dual Mode CCD
ACTi HTTP MPEG4 EyeSpy247 PTZ Planet ICA-510 MJPEG port
ACTi RTSP EYEsurv ESIP-MP1.3-BT1 Planet ICA-525 RTSP port
ACTi video port 6002 Eyseo TV7230/40 Planet ICA-HM125,830 RTSP
Acumen Speed Dome ezCam-hdc Planet ICA-HM126 H.264 RTSP
Agasio A502W,A512,A602/3W,A612/622W,M1050 ezCam RTSP w/PTZ 59xx Planet ICA-HM315 H.264 RTSP
Agasio A522/622W/632 ezCam Weather-proof 59xx Planet ICA-HM350 MPEG4 RTSP
AirLink101 250W Fine CCTV ACM-V3002 RTSP Planet IVS-H120 MPEG4
AirLink101 310,650W Fine CCTV RTSP Planet IVS-H120 H.264
AirLink101 500W,747W,777W,IPC Fine CDV-3VM501 MJPEG Plustek
AirLink101 MPEG4 Fitivision 100a Plustek P1100
AirLive 200/325HD H.264 RTSP Flexwatch 3450 RTSP ProQ
AirLive 200/WL-2600 RTSP/HTTP Foscam FI86xx/98xx H.264 ProQ M6820
AirLive MPEG4 port 8090 Foscam FI89xx/w ProQ M6830
AirLive OD-2025HD,WN-2600HD RTSP Foscam FI9802/20/21 media port 888 ProVideo H.264 Server RTSP
AirLive WL-2000CAM RTSP Foscam MJPEG (no audio,PTZ) Q-See QC444 H.264 RTSP
AirLive WL-350HD RTSP FUHO FIB-T1600 Q-See/CnM Classic DVR (video port 9000)
AirLive WL-5420CAM FUHO FUM-T10 Q-See/Swann/Zmodo (mobile port 18600)
AL9603/9633/9643/9663 PT/Dome Fullview IP-D-H1834W-X10 RTSP Q-See/Swann/Zmodo (media port 9000)
ALinking MPEG4 Gadspot GS800/NC800 Q-See/Swann/Zmodo+ (media port 9000)
Allnet ALL2200 Gadspot GS1000/NC1000 Q-See QT-504 (video port 6036)
Allnet ALL2205 Gadspot GS1200/NC1200 Rainbow H.264 RTSP
Allnet ALL2282 MPEG4 Gadspot GS1600/NC1600 Raysharp D9104B (media port)
Allnet ALL2288/98 H.264 RTSP Gadspot GS200 (video port) Rayvision DVR
Allnet ALL2288 MJPEG RTSP Gadspot GS2102V-8CH H.264 RTSP REPOTEC RP-WV630 video port 5000
Alpha Networks RTSP Gadspot GS2x06 (media port) Revo American Model R16DVR4
American Dynamics JPEG Gadspot GS4000/4600 (w/firmware change) Rosewill MJPEG
Amovision AM-H685,736 Gadspot GS9208E/GS9212E Rosewill RXS-3323
ANC-600V MPEG4 Gadspot GS9211/9711 Rovio use RTSP port
APC NetBotz Gadspot GS9603 SA Technology SAT-2100n
Apexis APM-H803 MJPEG Gadspot GSN1250 Samsung H.264 RTSP
Apexis APM-H804 OLD FIRMWARE RTSP Ganz 785,787,etc. Samsung MPEG4 RTSP
Apexis APM-Jxxx/6xx Ganz PixelPro RTSP Samsung SDE-120 JPEG
Apexis H.264 RTSP Ganz ZN-D2024 RTSP Samsung SND-1080,SPE-100 RTSP
Arecont H.264 RTSP Genius IPCam Sanyo VCC-HD2100/2500/3500/4600P MJPEG
Arecont JPEG GenIV G4 RTSP Sanyo VCC-XZN600P
Arecont MJPEG Geovision GV-BL110D,BL320D,BX110D RTSP SC2000 RTSP
ArmorView RTSP/HTTP Ginotek RTSP SCA0069
ARVIO C2WA-C198,C0WA-C0D8 go1984 MJPEG Scallop Imaging Full (port 8556)
Asante MPEG4+audio Going GT-NC-M2WS/WR90C RTSP Scallop Imaging Main (port 8554)
Asante MJPEG Going GT-NMS-D2 SecureForLess H.264 1024P RTSP/HTTP
Asoni/Hunt/INVID/Lupus RTSP Going GT-NMS-D2/W,GT-NC-IRM2WS RTSP SecureForLess H.264 720P RTSP
Astak Mole Going X39C20M,X3PA70 RTSP SecureForLess H.264 SD
Atrix DVR (video port 9000) Grandstream GXV26xx/36xx RTSP SECuRET
Avacom M1060W Grandstream GXV350¼ RTSP SerComm RC8030
Avante SC200W Grandtec Grand IP Video Server Seteye 818ge JPEG
Avermedia H.264 DVR Grandtec JPEG Sharx
Avermedia MPEG4 DVR (cam# in params) Grandtec MJPEG+Audio Sharx RTSP
AverMedia NC100 JPEG Granvista RTSP Shixin IP-109 MPEG4
AvertX RTSP GT-NC-160 MPEG4 Shixin IP-109HW/150H RTSP
Aviosys GV-NC-102DO H.264 RTSP Siemens Gigaset
Aviosys 9060 Hama M360 Sitecom WL-400
Aviosys 9070 MJPEG Hawking HNC210/30/90 port 4321 Skynet One/Pro
Aviosys 9070 MPEG4 Hawking HNC300 Smart-I MJPEG
Aviosys 9100/a/b Hawking HNC720G SmartHome
Aviosys 9310 Hawking HNC8000 SmartIndustry DOZ27
Aviosys 9360Q Hawking HRPC2-B SmartIndustry DOZ27 RTSP
Aviptek PT5000AVS Uriel HEDEN MJPEG SmartIndustry JPEG
AVS Uriel HD RTSP HIKVision RTSP SMC SMCWIPCAM video port 5000
AVTech AVC732 HiStream RTSP SMO-151QN
AVTech AVC739,785,787 HooToo (Foscam PTZ) Solwise SEC-C1002
AVTech AVD744C,KPD675C HUNT HLC-1WAD H.264 Solwise SEC-C1060
AVTech AVI20½02/252 MPEG4AVTech AVI252/AVN362/3 H.264 i-Catcher Sony® SNC ASF
AVTech AVI321Axcell ICS-1013,1310 Sony® SNC RTSP
Axis 200+ MJPEG iCamView Sony® SNC/DH H.264
Axis 205/6/7/9,21½/3/4/5/6,etc. iControl iCamera-1000 Sony® SNC-M⅓ MJPEG, G.726 32k
Axis 20x/21x MPEG4 ICY BOX MJPEG Sony® SNC-RX570 H.264
Axis 207mw,211m,223m iGuard 380/90E Sony® SNC/RX/RZ MJPEG
Axis 2100 MJPEG Instar ASF Sony® SNC/RX/RZ MPEG4
Axis 2100,2401,2420,Q7155 Instar IN-290x,30xx,4010 SparkLan video port 5000
Axis 240/241Q MJPEG Instar MJPEG SparkLan CAS-300,370
Axis 240/241Q MPEG4 Intellinet 501583, Video Port 4321 SparkLan CAS-633
Axis M/P/Q series H264 Intellinet 550260/277/437 MJPEG stream Speco RTSP (test only)
Axis M/P/Q series MPEG4 Intellinet 550468 video port Starcam F6815W/6837
Axis M1034/5014 MJPEG/G.726 32kbps Intellinet 550710/03/34 video port StarDot NetCamSC video port 8001
Axis P7214 MJPEG Intellinet JPEG StarDot NetCamXL,SC
Axis Q6032/4 JPEGs Intellinet MPEG4, using MJPEG mode Storage Options SON-IPC1
BlueJay MJPEG Intellinet MPEG4 video port 40001 Sunell ONVIF RTSP
Blunet ST208W Intellinet NSC15,NBC/NFC/NFD/NVS30 MJPEG Suneyes SP-H05W RTSP
Bolide MJPEG Intellinet NSC15,NBC/NFC/NFD/NVS30 MPEG4/RTSP Suneyes SP-HS02W
Bosch Dinion LTC0495,NWD495 Intellinet NSC6/NSC16/NFC31xx H.264/RTSP Supra IPC-1 MJPEG
Bosch NWC-0495/0800 Intellinet NSC16/NFC31xx MJPEG SureTech H.264 RTSP
Bowya PX802 Internet Eye M6840 RTSP port SVAT CV500 RTSP
Brickcom CB-101AP RTSP/HTTP IP-N606W RTSP Swann ADS-440
Brickcom RTSP IPCC 720W Swann DVR08 (media port 9001)
BV Tech BV-IP110 IPCC Mini318W MJPEG Swann SW-P-IPC
BV Tech BV-IP120 IPQ1658X RTSP Swann SW111-WIP
C10002RW IPS Cam H.264 RTSP Swann, SQ, GP-280
C1002 IPUX ICS 2330 RTSP Sweex
C800ip IPX DDK-1500BC SZTER S680
Camsecure SK-IP8465MZ RTSP iVigilo SmartCam Tenvis
Canon VB-C50/60 Jaycar Tenvis IPRobot3 RTSP
Canon VB-C60 MPEG4 Jetview RTSP Tenvis MJPEG
Celius IP18W MJPEG JVC VN-V685/6 Toshiba IK-WB01A/AllNet
Cellvision CAS-200, SOHO K&D KD-HD56RC72-LDCW RTSP Toshiba IK-WB01A/11A JPEGs
Cellvision CAS-630 video port 5000 KGuard KG-SHA108 V2 (media port) Toshiba IK-WB02A/WR01A user
Channel Vision 6522 Kiirie KE-HSC232 RTSP Toshiba IK-WB15A/21A (admin root/ikwb)
CIC 901W KÖNIG CMP-NWIPCAM21 Toshiba IK-WD01A/14A u-law RTSP port
Cisco IPC-2300,2421,2500,2600 RTSP Launch RTSP TP-LINK TL-SC3130/71,4171 RTSP/HTTP
Cisco PVC/WVC MPEG4 LevelOne FCS-1030/5030/7111 RTSP Trendnet MPEG4
Cisco PVC300, VC240 RTSP LevelOne FCS-1070 Trendnet RTSP/MPEG4
Cisco VC220 MJPEG LevelOne FCS-1101 port 8070 Trendnet TV-IP100/501W
CNB RTSP/H264 LevelOne FCS-1101 RTSP Trendnet TV-IP100W/400/501P/600/651/751 MJPEG
Compro RTSP LevelOne FCS-3000 Trendnet TV-IP110/12½52/312/410/422 MJPEG
Conceptronic LevelOne FCS-5030 MJPEG Trendnet TV-IP200
Coolcam LevelOne FCS-5051 H.264 RTSP Trendnet TV-IP201
CVLM-I258 MJPEG LevelOne FCS-5051 MJPEG RTSP/HTTP Trendnet TV-IP300
CVYP-I271 LevelOne FCS-6010 RTSP Trendnet TV-IP301 MJPEG 16KHz PCM
Dahua H.264 RTSP LevelOne WCS-0020 Trendnet TV-IP322P H.264
Dannovo MegaPixels IPCam Series RTSP LevelOne WCS-0030 RTSP Trendnet TV-IP512/602/651 MPEG4
DB Power MJPEG LevelOne WCS-0040 RTSP Trendnet TV-IP522/572/612/672 H.264
DB Power RTSP/HTTP LevelOne WCS-2040 TriVision
Defender SN300/502 DVR (media port) LG LW 130 RTSP TriVision RTSP
Dericam H201C RTSP LILIN H.264 1080p RTSP Ubiquiti Airvision H.264 RTSP
Dericam H502/W LILIN H.264 720p RTSP Ubiquiti JPEG
Dericam M204W/M801W LILIN H.264 RTSP UnionCam UC7007WH
Digi-Lan TV7204/7217 LILIN JPEG RTSP Univision RTSP
Digi-Lan TV7240 RTSP port LILIN IPD112ESX3,IPR712S4 JPEG Velleman Camip5
Digicom W100 Linksys PVC2300 MJPEG G.726 32k Veilux VVIP RTSP
DIGIOP BLK-IPD105M RTSP Linksys WVC200 MJPEG Veo Observer (video port 1600)
Digital Media MJPEG Linksys WVC200 MJPEG G.726 16k Verint Nextiva S1816e-SP RTSP
Digitus DN-16032 MJPEG Linksys WVCxx MPEG4 Vidotek VT7902/9604,VS/PT2000
Digitus DN-16037 RTSP Loftek Aegis H.264 RTSP Vilar IPC-1002
Digitus DN-16055 Loftek Nexus/Sentinel MJPEG Vivotek 61xx MPEG4
DLink DCS-900/920/930/932 MJPEG Loftek Sentinel ASF (no PTZ) Vivotek 7xxx/8xxx MJPEG mode
DLink DCS-900/910/920 LogiLink WC000½ Vivotek MJPEG
DLink DCS-940L H.264 LogiLink WC0013/16 H.264 Vivotek RTSP
DLink DCS-942L H.264 Logitech Alert RTSP Vivotek RTSP Stream 2
DLink DCS-950/G web port Logitech Wilife port 8080 Vivotek RTSP/HTTP
DLink DCS-950,1110 video port 5000 Lorex ECO LH116000 (media port) VONNIC
DLink DCS-2000,2100 Lorex LNE3003/LNZ4001 VSIP test
DLink DCS-1130/2102/212⅓410 MPEG4 Lorex LNE3003 w/audio RTSP port VSTarcam F6836W,T6836WIP
DLink DCS-2103,2210 H.264, G.726 32k LTS LTCIP830 VSTarcam H6837WI RTSP
DLink DCS-212½130 MJPEG Lupusnet HD LE940 Wanscam AJ-CxWA-C118/198,C0D8/1D8
DLink DCS-2132/5222/5605/5635/7010 H.264 Marmitek RoboCam Wanscam AJ-CxWA-C118/198,C0D8/1D8 rev.67
DLink DCS-3110,6111 MJPEG Matricam RTSP Wanscam RTSP
DLink DCS-3220 Maygion JPEG Wansview NC510/2
DLink DCS-3220/5220/5300/6620 MJPG Maygion RTSP Wansview NC530/1 JPEG
DLink DCS-3410 MJPEG MegaPixel JE-M720 MJPEG Wansview NC530W,531M/W,532/FTP,533/B,535/6,550W
DLink DCS-3415/20 Messoa NCR870 H.264 RTSP Wansview NC540/⅓/6
DLink DCS-3716 RTSP Messoa NCR870 JPEG WAPA H.264 video port 9001
DLink DCS-5635 MPEG4 MicroPower Rugged-i MPT2500 WAPA MPEG4 video port 9001
DLink DCS-6511/6616 H.264, G.726 32k Microseven RTSP Waysoon WS-IP068WS RTSP
DLink RTSP port Mobotix (MxPEG OFF) WebCamPro JPEG
DLink/Vivotek Vitamin Decoder Auto-Detect Mobotix D14,M22 JPEGs Win Vision CW-IP9801 RTSP
DSE RN-606W RTSP MPCam F Series Winbook N7405JV
DVR-35SWF Smoke Detector RTSP Multipix HS700 RTSP Wision WS-A5P201 HD H.264
DVRUSA Viewmaster MSV-N1000 RTSP/HTTP X-Vision XIP3000
DvTel RTSP N-CITY NP8300C RTSP X10 AirSight
Dynacolor H.264 RTSP NC601 X10 AirSight XC39A/XX34A/36A/39A/40A MJPEG
Dynamode CSA-230W Netcomm N5380W X10 AirSight XX39/59A H.264 RTSP
EasyCam MJPEG NetMedia iViewHD MJPEG Xanboo 4030 RTSP
EasyN Neu Fusion NCS-230W Xenta IP11WCOLOR
EasyN F3-M187 Night Owl Poseidon (media port 9000) Y-cam Bullet HD 1080 RTSP
EasyN FS-618A-M136 Nilox Netwideye 200 Y-cam Bullet HD RTSP
EasyN H3-V10D/V132,HS-69x NorthQ NQ-9006 Y-cam Cube H.264 RTSP
EasySE F/I NorthQ NQ-9006 PTZ Y-cam HD H.264 RTSP/HTTP
EasySE M2 JPEG Optivision OV1010 Y-cam MPEG4+Audio
Edimax H.264 RTSP Orite PT-300 MJPEG Yoko Tech RTP/UDP RTSP
Edimax IC-1000, video port 4321 Ovislink OC-610 RTSP Yuxin YX-IPC100W
Edimax IC-1500/10 (video port) Panasonic BB-HCM31⅓71/511/581 Zavio D510 MPEG4 port 8090
Edimax IC-1510/3005/3010/3030/7000/7110 MJPEG Panasonic BB-HCM531A,705,735,BL-C230A MJPEG Zavio D510E MJPEG
Edimax IC-9000 RTSP Panasonic BL-C1/131/140/210/230 Zavio D5111 H.264 RTSP/HTTP
Edimax MPEG4 RTSP Panasonic BL-VT164 MJPEG + 32kbps G.726 Zavio D611E/F721A/M511W MPEG4
Elmo PTC-200 Series Panasonic KX-HCM10/110 Zavio F3xxx H.264 RTSP
Elro 800IP Panasonic MJPEG Zavio MPEG4 RTSP port
Eminent EM6564 Panasonic MPEG4 Zonet MPEG4
Eminent MJPEG Panasonic WV-NM100 Zonet ZVC7611
Eminent RTSP Panasonic WV-NF/NS/SP MJPEG + 32kbps G.726 Zonet ZVC7630
Encore Panasonic WV-NS202A MPEG4/RTSP Zmodo DVR DM-70B,8104/8114/9114/6/8 (mobile port)
Zmodo w/PTZ
Zoneway ZW-NC536MW
ZyXEL IPC3605/4605N RTSP