Pan Tilt and Zoom CCTV Camera are excellent devices to use when you want to ‘look around your surveillance area. PTZs allow you to manually or automatically pan the area around your camera, tilt up and down, and zoom in on anything within the sight of the lens. In automatic mode, hundreds of points can be set for the camera to look at for any duration of time. They make a great supplement to your standard fixed cameras. Some PTZ cameras are also capable of tracking object, human or thermal motion (auto tracking), great for monitoring areas of importance such as entry and exit points.

Pan Tilt and  Zoom CCTV Camera can give management an extra level of information in live time that can be an invaluable tool for your business. By allowing you to monitor on the productivity of employees or catch any unacceptable behavior, a PTZ camera has the potential to save you money and help maximize your employees’ performances.

Pan Tilt and Zoom CCTV Camera a great tool for a Plant Safety Supervisor. In the manufacturing industry, safety is always a top priority and a PTZ camera system can give safety supervisors an unparalleled ability to monitor multiple plant locations in live time all from one desk.

Web Technology is extremely pleased to launch a high quality pan tilt zoom cameras at a very affordable price. Pan Tilt and Zoom CCTV Camera is an excellent outdoor application and it’s pricing does not break the bank. Web Technology’s Pan Tilt and Zoom CCTV Camera are capable of a full 360 degree continuous rotation, where most pan, tilt, zoom cameras do not rotate a full 360 degrees. Our customers have been looking for high quality PTZ cameras that are under 20,000 Pesos and we now have a solution for them that is well below that price point. Choose among our Models below