What is Air@EL? (Wireless Elevator CCTV)

The Air@-EL Series is a LED (LASER) optical video transmission system which is specially designed for elevator CCTV surveillance to solve the cabling and installation problems in the elevator shaft.

What is Air@EL?

Rising of huge cabling and installation problems in the elevator shaft, CCTV security system uses existing cables, it shall affect the safety operation of elevator. In addition , unnecessary and additional inspection and maintenance costs occur.

What is Air@EL?

What is Air@EL?
The Air@-EL Series provides an attractive wireless video transmission solution at easy installation and low cost, replacing the coaxial cables and the others in the elevator shaft. Because it transmits DVD quality video using an optical LED (LASER), cabling complexity, installation costs and maintenance issues are reduced.
With a much longer lifespan than traditional ‘moving coaxial cable’ video the transmission systems, the elevator operation, safety and security are increased.

Comparison Table between Air@-EL100 and Air@-EL300
Air@-EL100 Air@-EL300
Operating Distance
100m/328ft (up to 25 floors)
300m/990ft (up to 75 floors)
Transmitting Technology
LED Optical Technology
Laser Optical Technology
Image Quality
3 years
3 years
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