How to connect to wireless wifi

How to connect to wireless wifi

    [li_item icon=”fa-check” iconcolor=”#1e73be” circle=”” circlecolor=””] Normally, camera cannot connect WIFI mainly due to wrong settings. Please check the following points:

    1. To configure wireless settings. your foscam camera should be physically connected to the router. A lan cable is included on the package use it to connect the camera to the router.
    2. Make sure to plug the camera on the LAN ports of the router.
    3. Access the Camera on your browser. (dont know how? watch basic guide for MJPEG or H.264 
    4. Navigate to Wireless settings. (Video tutorial? see Wireless Guides)
    5. Pressing the scan twice should detect the Wifi SSID.
    6. When SSID signal is detected choosing the right router will fill up all the settings except the password.
    7. Make sure to enter the correct password.
    8. Press Save.
    9. Router Advance MAC filtering (skip if you do not filter MAC) Please add the mac address of the camera on your routers allowed mac address lists.
    10. Turn off the camera by unplugging the power.
    11. Unplug and remove the LAN cable. the one connecting the camera and the router.
    12. Plug the power.
    13. Make sure the wireless IP camera can be reach by your routers WiFi signal.
    14. Check the antenna of the camera fixed well or not.
    15. Once the camera detects that no physical connection to the router is available, It will start to scan for wireless connection.
    16. Open the IP camera tool. you should be able to see the cameras ip address.
    17. Camera connected wirelessly.
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