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@ Web Technology we are aware of situation you are in. There are countless sites to buy ip-pbx & Voip equipment and lots of suppliers available. For this reason Web Technology prides itself upon being completely qualified and experienced on each of the device ranges we speak for. From the the top brands in the market, to those  you possibly not yet have heard of, Web Technology offers everything required for ip-pbx & Voip. Check it out.

Ip-pbx & Voip


TransTel Lynx PABX Digital Telephone System with Voice Mail Auto Attendant

The Small, Flexible and Talented TransTel Lynx is the most powerful phone system in its class. It delivers virtually all of the advanced features expected from a larger system; enabling even the smallest business to access advanced telecommunication tools thus giving a competitive business advantage
The TransTel Lynx can be literally be installed out of the box and offer the Customer a flexible and fully featured solution, on top of this the Lynx can then be customized using the full Power of its Advanced Software Engine. The Transtel Lynx Digital telephone system is a state of the art, fully digital solution that has being designed for small business with the ability to grow  and change with the needs of any business.
fixed wireless gsm

FCT-400 GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal

A GSM Gateway is a Preset Wireless terminal that accepts a SIM card and makes it possible for you to make calls from your Mobile phone Method employing a cellular phones. its a GSM Gateway or a cell mobile phone product that is connected to your PABX which you can use as a landline a technique which take advantage of better call rates that are available from Mobile Phone carriers  resulting in more affordable cellphone expenses for you.

Vehicle & Personnel Location Tracking System LTS-300

Watch/View your Vehicle anywhere, anytime through the Satellite Camera with accurate precision even when your vehicle is hidden out of sight, locked up in a building, You will see an icon pointing at such building from an area view with the Street name, City, Country where your car is hidden with a displayed map without any mistake!
GEO-FENCE: Geographical Electric Fence for your vehicle not to cross, upon entering or leaving a restricted area, City, State, Nation, unit calls the Police & alerts 3 responsible personnel.
multi-line IP phone

Ip Phone Multi-line VI2008

This includes features such as shared call and bridged line appearances, call forward, call transfer, call waiting, intercom and 3-way conference providing enhanced call flexibility and control
ip pbx

VX12 IP PBX Systems

IP PBX VX12 has all of the IP remote calling functions you will need for home working,business traveling, and communication among branches through intranet.
VI2006 VoIP phone

VOIP SIP 2.0 Protocol VI2007 Basic-Application

VOIP SIP 2.0 Protocol VI2007 VoIP phone is Basic-Level IP phone terminal with Broad com solution which adopts multiple voice control protocols. VI2007 IP phone supports SIP and IAX2 protocol, offering two 10/Mbps Ethernet interface with built in router. It is compatible with various soft switch systems and VoIP voice gateways to provide broadband IP voice service.
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