Wireless Ip Camera / Network Camera

An IP camera is a surveillance camera with a built in mini web server. These wireless IP Cameras are the new generation of the traditional Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) analog cameras. It outperforms the traditional CCTV with its built in features: Automatic motion detection email alerts, The ability to monitor your place anywhere, anytime through any web browser, tablet, and mobile phones. It also has the capability of remote pan and tilt, 2 way audio features. These network camera, also known as an IP camera or an internet camera, is not a webcam. It is the next generation of CCTV, capable of passing its images and video feed over a computer network such as our local area network and internet. These ip cams do not need to be attached to a PC in order to operate. High end internet IP Camera to Home use type IP camera. We have it all, wireless network camera.

Affordable Wireless Ip Camera

Wireless Foscam FI8909W Affordable Ip Camera

The Foscam Wireless Ip Camera FI8909W is a Great night vision device, which allows you to check Activities taking place inside your premises.
3,280.00 2,625.00Sale!
Outdoor Ip Camera

Foscam FI8904W Wireless Camera

The wireless camera features an easy to use graphical interface that is accessible from any standard browser anywhere in the world over the internet. It has password protection as well as the ability for multiple users to view and control up to 9 cameras at one time.
4,600.00 3,931.10Sale!

Foscam FI8602W Weatherproof Wireless Ip Cameras

wireless IP cameras Adopts high performance and powerful media processor, single SOC chip, built-in (ARM+DSP) and high speed video protocol processor.
white Wireless Ip

Foscam Wireless IP Camera FI8918W White

Auto 8 meters night vision, supports any standard browsers, wireless standards ieee 802.11b/g, high image and video quality, 2 way audio monitoring built in, remote recording/pan/tilt control, simple to setup.
wireless cctv camera

Foscam FI8918W Wireless IP Camera

Auto 8 meters night vision, supports any standard browsers, wireless connectivity, high video quality, 2 way audio monitoring, remote recording, pan and tilt control.
3,900.00 3,327.00Sale!
wireless cctv

Foscam FI8918E POE IP camera

Auto 8 Meters Night Vision, Supports any Standard Browsers, Supports Power Over Ethernet, High Image and Video Quality, Two-Way Audio Monitoring, Remote Recording/Pan/Tilt Control, Simple to set up, friendly GUI, DIY, Support iPhone & mobile phone, email notification or upload to FTP, Built in DDNS for dynamic Internet.
mega pixel IP camera

Wireless Camera Foscam FI8910W

Wireless internet camera connects wirelessly to a WiFi router. features 8 meters night vision, remote viewing and recording, 2 way audio, high image quality, remote pan tilt control, motion sensor email notification alerts.
mega pixel IP camera

Foscam FI9820W Wireless 720P HD IP camera

720p hd pan/tilt wired/wireless ip camera, h.264 video compression, day/night surveillance, ir leds on/off auto switch, motion detection alarm via e-mail and ftp, supports sd card storage, free foscam ddns service embedded.
mega pixel IP camera

High Definition Wireless Ip Cam FI9821W

720P HD pan/tilt wired/wireless IP camera, H.264 video compression, automatic night vision, motion detection alarm via e-mail and FTP, supports SD card storage, free Foscam DDNS service embedded.
6,424.00 5,348.60Sale!
affordable wireless IP camera

FI8916W Wireless Ip Camera

The FI8916W wireless IP camera distinguishes itself with an embedded IR-Cut filter. providing enhanced video and color quality as well as an upgraded better quality outer shell.
4,458.00 3,629.00Sale!

FI9802W Wireless HD Ip Camera

High definition fi9802w IP camera is a wireless 720p high definition waterproof IP camera with the best compression h.264 video compression.
Outdoor Wireless HD IP Camera

Wireless N Ip Camera Foscam FI8906W

Yet another amazing feature may be the capability to view remotely via any gadget should it be mobile device.
5,613.00 4,581.00Sale!
Megapixel array QH-ND361

1.0 Megapixel Array LED Dome QH-ND361

1.0 Megapixel Array LED Dome Camera ,⅓ Progressive Scan CMOS ,H.264,Support Triple Streaming.
vari-Focal IP Camera

Vari-Focal IP Camera 1.3 MP IR Waterproof QH-NW351

1.3 Megapixel IR Waterproof Camera ,⅓ Progressive Scan CMOS ,H.264 Support Triple Streaming.
wireless outdoor

High Definition Wireless Outdoor Ip Camera FI9804W

High Definition Wireless Outdoor Ip Camera FI9804W is a 720p HD ip Camera with a maximum resolution of 1280×720 and the latest H,264 Video Compression.


2.0 Megapixel IR Waterproof Camera with 1080P,½.5" CMOS ,H.264,Support Triple Streaming.

Megapixel IR Ip Camera QH-NW356

1.0 Megapixel IR Waterproof Ip camera, ¼ Progressive scan CMOS, H.264, Supports triple streaming.
1080p High Definition

1080p IR Dome High Definition 2.0 Megapixel Ip Camera QH-NV431

2.0 Megapixel IR Dome Camera with 1080P,½.5" CMOS ,H.264, Support Triple Streaming.

CCTV Installer

 Established in 2003 Web Technology has been on the fore-front of IP technology and has perfected the transition to IP with robust hybrid solutions.  Complete varieties of network based camera systems and surveillance solutions for analog and network based systems. We offer complete video ip camera systems, including day/night, vandal-resistant, and weatherproof IP cameras.  This standards-based solution eliminates the complexity and limitations of traditional network offerings, allowing customers experience real peace of mind on their video surveillance equipment. Our wireless video receiver and transmitter options are used for a variety of demanding applications, including extreme distance video transmission and remote video monitoring. Our 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz transmitters are cost-effective and reliable; these wireless access points let you send multiple camera signals to a single receiver, reducing overall system cost.

Whatever your wireless surveillance application or budget, wireless ip camera systems come with at least a 1-year warranty we make sure we provide exactly what you need by assisting you in selecting the right wireless system for your application? Our team of technical supports can help

Our Ip Cameras are simple to use in any environment, but manufactured with the highest engineering standards. With impeccable night vision, high resolution imaging and guaranteed reliability, you can have confidence in understanding that your security system is designed for absolute perfection.

Wired, Wwireless IP cameras

If you already have the CCTV kit and are seeking to extend the network associated with security cameras for your home, all of us sell both wired plus wireless CCTV systems.

If you want to record what are you are seeing, wired CCTV systems supply the best picture quality with absolutely no interference. Wired CCTV camera most commonly use BNC attaches, which can be connected to your TELEVISION using an adaptor, or straight into a DVR. However , born cameras can be more difficult to set up and cannot be easily relocated to another location.

Wireless protection camera systems take away the be concerned of video cables playing around your property – all you need is really a power source. Using the most recent digital technology, some CCTV cameras offer a better transmission range of up to 200m. Although these cameras in many cases are easier to install and maneuver around than wired ones, they could sometimes suffer interference from all other wireless signals, like Wi-fi networks.

Internet Protocol digital cameras, or IP cameras, operate a similar way to traditional webcams, by sending and receiving information via the internet. IP cameras provide as open or shut access to the footage because needed, while the images documented can be viewed remotely using any kind of PC. However , these digital cameras are often more expensive than born and wireless cameras.