male dc plug

Male DC plug

CCTV Camera DC Male Power Plug Connector 2.1 mm, guaranteed clean installation and a professional look, super quick to install plug & play.

CCTV IR Illuminator LED130

Weatherproof of IR Illuminator
IR Night Vision 130 Meters
198 PCs ¢8-14μ IR lED
Power: 12V DC MAX 16W
Weight: 2.8 kg
ptz controller

SDK55 3D PTZ controller

Professional 3D control panel to control PTZ cameras. With this control you can control the PTZ camera to a maximum distance up to 1200 meters without a repeater. The driver has a communication interface RS232 and RS485. Supports multiple types of communication protocols and transmission speeds ranging from 2400 to 19,200 bps.
CCTV Siamese Cable

CCTV Siamese Cable 20 Meters: C20DB

These CCTV siamese cable are the best for saving money on installation and do it yourself, you just need to measure the proper length you need and select the cable according to your measurements. They are plug and play cables supplying video and power for the cctv cameras.
Passive Video Balun

Passive Video Balun WBT-1CHVB01

Passive Video Balun WBT-1CHVB01 set is designed to transmit video signal from a single source using a twisted-pair cable. Each of the video transformers (baluns) has a flexible cable terminated with BNC connector, which ensures easy connection even to closely spaced BNC sockets.
cctv female dc plug

Female DC Plug

Female DC Plug connects a two-wire power cable to allow a standard…
siamese cable

C40DBR 40 Meters Audio Video CCTV Siamese Cable

Make an easy connection from your power supply and DVR to your CCTV cameras with this 40 Meter siamese video /power /audio cable. It comes pre-built with 5.5mm power plugs, BNC video connectors and RCA audio connections.
694.00 582.00Sale!
CCTV Siamese cable with audio

CCTV Siamese Cable with Audio C20DBR 20 Meters

Make an easy connection from your power supply and DVR to your CCTV cameras with this 20 Meter Siamese video /power /audio cable. It comes pre-built with 5.5 mm power plugs, BNC video connectors and RCA audio connections.
417.00 351.00Sale!
12V 1 Ampere switching CCTV Power supply

CCTV Power Supply ENUS12V1000MA

Fully Regulated Switching Power Supply Ideal for DC CCTV Cameras, Top Quality 2.1mm Plug Center Positive, 100V - 240V can be used world wide ,Light Weight and Low Power Consumptions, Output voltage 12V, Output current 1000 A.
cctv audio monitor

CCTV Microphone WBM-701

Working Voltage DC 6~14, Current consumption 6 mA, Frequency range 100~10000 HZ, Frequency response 2.5 dB, Output impedance 600 Ohm, Output Level 2~5 V up
video balun
video balun

Single Channel Active Video Balun EN-301T

Real-time transmission of High-Definition video signals, Transmission distance around 1800 meters color signal, 12~24V adaptive DC power input, Highlight 2nd oxidation aluminum case, Super interference rejection.

Wireless Elevator CCTV Air@-EL100

Wireless elevator CCTV installation costs and maintenance problems are greatly reduced. with much longer lifespan than conventional moving coaxial cable video the transmission systems, the elevator operation, safety and security are increased.