Alfred Severino
Alfred Severino

I wish to express my gratitude for your excellent service and products.

At first, I was doubtful if I could receive clear images from my warehouse to my residence – 10 kilometers apart. So, I started with only 4 IP Cams with 2 Megapixel resolution each. But you did it and I was even surprised that the reception is HD quality both at daytime and nighttime with IR. Exceptionally very clear!

The dish antennas and the Rocket M5 transceivers are a perfect match with a signal rating close to 100%. Aside from HD reception and miniscule video lag time, I can easily control the zoom and focus of each IP Cam 10 kilometers away.

Also, the staff you sent to configure and install the facilities, particularly your Engineer Aldrin, are cool experts in their field and very cooperative. Installation easily took only 2 days… “one-shot-one-kill,” no miss and no repeats.

And, of course, the prices of your products are reasonable.

I am now in the process of closing 2 more contracts with your Engr. Aldrin — 4 IP Cams for my gasoline station (9 kilometers from my residence) and 5 wireless IP Cams for my 5-hectare ranch/farm (all with 2 Megapixel resolution).

It is a pleasure doing business with your firm.

Alfred Severino



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